The Unnatural and The Strange


“Flowers are they in a vase
Of no human workmanship,
The unnatural that dismays
And The Strange strong as a whip”
– The Unnatural and The Strange, by Fernando Pessoa

behind this project:

after adoring her works for this past 5 years, finally i got a chance to do collaboration with her. Her name is Karin Josephine, a good friend of mine, met her from Deviantart, like in 2008 or 2009 (can’t remember exactly). Eventhough i rarely do collage on my works, but for this project, i tried all i can do!

This project actually started from November 2012, but because we both busy, this project got delayed until now. When doing this project, we never meet each other, this was done by mail-to-mail, (well met one time actually on pre-exhibition meeting :p), so when Karin done her part, she sent to me, so did i.

Check out her works here:

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