• July 2023 Photo Archive

    July 2023 Photo Archive

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  • Glodok over the years with Leica

    Glodok over the years with Leica

    I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, since I was born. However, I have only been to the Glodok area when I was in junior high school. I still remember accompanying my friend and his dad to buy a Sega Dreamcast. Glodok is the center of electronics stores in Jakarta, where you can find cheap to decently…

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  • Bangkok Trip 2023

    Bangkok Trip 2023

    End of June 2023, my wife and I took a sudden trip to Bangkok as we had a public holiday in Indonesia and decided to take advantage of the long weekend. I planned a 3-day itinerary, visiting the popular tourist spots in Bangkok. This was my second visit to Bangkok. The first was back in…

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