Suka Ria Remaja


Suka Ria Remaja is an acronym of “Seputar Kesehatan dan Ragam Informasi Remaja (All about health and News for youth)”, is a project collaboration between Pamflet Generasi with Junior and high school in Indramayu and Palu, to strengthen knowledge of teacher and student relate to reproduction health, especially on health issue, HIV AIDS, Human Trafficking, also domestic violence, as both of these cities has high number of those happening to teenage.
3 Videos that i contributed is about consent, change in environment, and puberty.
Narrated by my beloved wife, Yutirsa Yunus.
Backsound is by Lullatone (all copyrights belong to them, as this video is for social purpose only).
Please help share this information to your loved one, and help gain awareness about sex, consent, etc to teenager and youth generation.
also please check other videos here


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