My work perceives the world by juxtaposing minimalism and surrealism perspectives. The world I depict rotates around every living beings — from human, nature, to other creatures — are correlated each other. It is striking me that our plain everyday views can be meaningful when I convert them into, sketches, designs, multi-layers, comic, books, watercolours, installation, or even just a tweets: the urban life turns into empty city, the crowd looks the same, familiar places feel strange, the love ones transform to strangers, and heartbreak become numb.

For me, art is more than just a superficial expression to fulfill one’s visual pleasure. Art consists of multi-faceted feelings full of philosophical, emotional, social, and personal issues. Through my artwork, I want to engage people to think about things that most of us have failed, missed,and biased. Art then, for me, can functioned as magnifier to zoom in what is really happening around us.